Found in Frost Caves, Frozen Plains
Health 60 (Heartx30)
Damage 14 (Heartx7)
Damage type melee
Drops Frozen Rod(1)
Rare drops Baneberry Cake(0-3), Chromite Sword(1)
Drop chance 33%
Special Fast movement speed, can randomly wear(Chromite Sword or Silver Helmet)
Here we will go through the details of the Yeti mob of the Soul Forest Mod.


This mob can be found in the Frost Caves biome in groups of 4 yeti's.


The yeti is a fast zombie-like mob that will chase you with great speed, so be carefull when you go near these. They also have increased sight and increased health. When you kill this mob it will drop a Frozen Rod.

This mob also has some rare-drops:

  • Chromite Sword
  • Baneberry Cake

It also has a random chance of wearing armor and a Chromite Sword.