Soul Forest Portal

Special Blocks are the blocks that aren´t just blocks they either have animation or they have some special options. Crafting Blocks could be called Special Blocks aswell, but i decided to keep those apart. An example of a special block is the block Fire.

Special BlocksEdit

The Soul Forest Mod adds some special blocks:

  • Soul Fire
  • Blueish Dizzling Universal Portal

Soul FireEdit

The Soul Fire acts like a normal fire, but can only be created using the tool Soul Lighter

[[Soul Lighter|
Soul Lighter

Soul Lighter


When you use the Soul Lighter in a frame of Silver Blocks (nether-like-frame) u create the portal. Soul Fire will burn down any vanilla tree, but won't be able to burn any Soul Forest Trees (not yet implemented).

Blueish Dizzling Universal PortalEdit

The Blueish Dizzling Universal Portal block is the block that fills the frame after u used the Soul Lighter. The name implies that the portal should be blue, but at the moment it still is purple so don't get confused by its name.

Whenever the player steps into this block, he will be immidiately transported to the Soul Forest Dimension where another portal will be created. That portal can be used to travel back to the overworld.