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Welcome the the wiki for the Soul Forest Mod! There may be things on this that are not yet in the updated version but when the new version is available, it will be added and will become visible.

The Soul Forest Mod adds a new Dimension (The Soul Forest Dimension) to the game, which is a cave-like world with complete sets of new ores, tools and armour. It also introduces new biomes along with new mobs. Within each biome you can find different types of plants, vines and trees.

If you wish to know more about a particular object or item, start by going to one of these pages:

Want to know more about the versions of this mod and the release notes? Check this page.This mod has no config file, dont ask for it.

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This wiki is designed to cover all of the content within The Soul Forest Mod.

This is a purely informative wiki and will only display content that is directly mod-related to the Soul Forest Mod.

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The Soul Forest Dimension