The Soul Forest Dimension is the main world for the Soul Forest Mod. It is not advised to travel to the dimension before you either have Cobalt Armor or Steel Armor . Diamond Armor is duable but it can be hard.

This Dimension is a nether-like world and that can be very dangerous. It has a green coloured fog and theres no sky in this world. In its current state it still has a day-night system, somehow.


The Soul Forest Dimension currently holds these mobs:


The Soul Forest Dimension currently holds these biomes:


A lot of ores spawn in The Soul Forest Dimension, an overview can be seen here.


To get to The Soul Forest Dimension you will have to get a lot of Silver Ingots , because you will need at least 10 Silver Blocks to build the portal to the soul forest dimension (if you want you can make it 14) in the same shape as the nether portal. Then you would have to get a Soul Lighter to light up the portal.