Bauxite and Mossy Bauxite

Bauxite (left) & Mossy Bauxite (right)

Mossy Bauxite is one of the stone blocks added by the Soul Forest Mod. It is a sub-stone block of the Soul Forest Dimension. It cannot be found naturally. Mossy Bauxite is a red coloured cobbelstone-like block with some purple moss covering all  the sides. The block can be destroyed with any pickaxe, but it is advised to use a Iron pickaxe or better to harvest it a bit faster.


You can use Mossy Bauxite as a decoration block only, as it is not including in any crafting recipes.


The Mossy Bauxite currently can't be found, but in a later version Mossy Bauxite can be found in Soul Temples together with bauxite.