Laterite Grass and Dirt

Laterite Grass (left) & Laterite Dirt (right)

Laterite Dirt is one of the dirt blocks added by the Soul Forest Mod. It acts like a normal dirt block but is a much stronger block. When a Laterite Grass block is placed near this block, its grass wil eventually spread onto this block. The block is a red coloured dirt/gravel block. When the block is destroyed a Laterite Dirt block will be obtained. The block can be destroyed with any shovel, but it is advised to use a Steel or Cobalt shovel or better to harvest it a bit faster.


The Laterite Dirt is the dirt block of the Soul Forest biome. It will spawn from top to the bottom of the biome.


On top of Laterite Dirt vanilla flowers & plants can't be placed. The plants that can currently be placed, which are added by the Soul Forest Mod, are the Cantaloupe Flower and the Grape Sappling.