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Blue Kotek
Found in Soul Forest, Marona Woods, Peat Bog
Health 40 (Heartx20)
Damage Depends on the slime size
Damage type Melee
Drops Blue Gel
Drop chance 100%
Special Jumps really high and far
This page will cover all the information about the mob : Kotek.


This mob can be found in the Soul Forest biomeMarona Woods biome and Peat Bog biome . You can find it spawn there quite often.


Although it looks not very terrifying on the first sight, it can make huge jumps around and you can find them jumping down cliffs all the time. This mob is a slime-like mob and will drop quite some Blue Gel if your lucky.

As seen on the pictures you can find them having different colours matching their size. There's the Green Kotek (the biggest and strongest, can jump really far), Red Kotek (middle-sized, a bit strong and it can jump far), Blue Kotek (the smallest and least strong, can still jump fast and far).

Whenever you kill a Green Kotek, up to 4 Red Koteks can spawn. And whenever you kill a Red Kotek, up to 4 Blue Koteks can spawn.


Green Kotek