Crafting Blocks are blocks that are used to craft custom recipes or even more complicated constructions. The Soul Forest Mod adds only 1 of those blocks at this moment, but it is WIP so right now it is not completely functional (well not functional).


  • Used to cut/clean uncut gems into their pure forms - the gems.
  • Slots:
  • [Top left] - Uncut Gem (Input).
  • [Down left] - Polisher Towel (Input).
  • [Down right] - Polisher (Input).
  • [Right] - Gem (Output).

Ice Crafting TableEdit

  • Used to create most of the new recipes introduced by the Soul Forest Mod, using a 4x4 grid instead of the normal crafting table's 3x3 grid.

Gel ExtractorEdit

  • Used to extract gel and contain it in a gel pot. One pot can be filled using 9 molten gel.
  • Slots: (These should be self-explanatory)
  • [Top left] - Molten gel (input) max 9 at a time.
  • [Top right] - Empty Gel pot (Input) max 1 at a time.
  • [Top right] - Filled Gel pot (Output).